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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is the only registration that can afford absolute brand name protection. Trademark can be used to protect the brand name, business name, slogan, logo, design and more. Therefore, businesses planning to invest significantly in branding or brand promotion must definitely obtain trademark registration. Application for trademark registration must be filed under one or more of the trademark classes that relate to the goods or services to be sold by the business. The article on how to do a trademark search in India provides detailed information on performing a trademark search in India. To know more about trademark statuses mentioned in a trademark search, refer to the article on “Understanding Trademark Status“.

Once a trademark application is filed with the Trademark Registrar, the TM symbol can be placed next to the trademark. Trademark registration is however a long process that could take more than 1 year. Therefore, application for trademark registration must be made as soon as possible, and the trademark application must be tracked until the trademark is registered. Once the trademark is registered, the ® symbol can be placed next to the brand to put others on notice that the brand is a registered trademark. Trademark registration is one of the most important part of a brand registration in India.